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Lesson Tools I Use and Recommend

I actually own a number of digital tuners but the Snark SN-8 has won me over. The Snark is a contact tuner that senses the vibration of the string to guide you to tuning to the correct frequency and is not distracted by random room noise. It works for acoustic and electric guitars. All of my students need to have a digital tuner.

I have found that a foot rest is a vast improvement over multiple phone books for raising the right leg which in turn raises the neck of the guitar to a comfortable playing level. Short stature students often need this boost; taller students may find a foot rest improves posture and takes pressure off the lower back.

Human nature is such that the guitar in the stand will be played more often than the guitar packed away in the case. Of course, that means the guitar may have to be dusted from time to time but an instrument safely displayed is an invitation to practice!

A sturdy music stand places lesson materials at eye level. This enables the student to keep the guitar in a comfortable playing postion and takes strain off the neck and shoulders as it eliminates hunching over a table.

A capo clamps onto the neck of the guitar and enables songs to be played in guitar and voice-friendly keys. Just about every acoustic guitar player I know owns at least one. This capo from Planet Waves has become my favorite as the clamping mechanism is easily manipulate by all hand sizes.